album53002005.jpg is located in Ontario Canada. The primary purpose of Carquestions is to act as a consumer advocate dealing with automotive proplems, defects and recalls facing the Canadian driving public.

Carquestions is operated by Mark Whinton, a certified expert and master mechanic. He holds two Ontario government issued mechanic's licences and has over 30 years of teaching experience fixing cars and answering questions. He also holds two bachelor degrees, one in economics from the University of guelph and the other in education from Queen's University.

No matter what your question or issue, or what kind of vehicle you own, Mark will be able to advise you on what decisions you should make to save you and your family time and trouble when dealing with your automotive problems.
Mark Whinton
Certified Automotive Service
Technician - Red Seal
Certified Truck Coach
Certified in Ontario Superior Court as an automotive expert
University of Guelph B.A. 1985
Queen's University B.Ed. 1986
University of Toronto Honours Tech Specialist 1989
Author of Canadian
and US patents
Member CAJ 2010